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Lolo Pogi, nagulat nang makita ang larawan ni Lala sa bahay nila Esang. Karla shares the story behind the song "Tahong ni Karla" | Magandang Buhay.

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Inspired by Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes’ own passion of writing her culinary adventures and experiences, “Mga Kuwentong Pagkain (MKP)” was launched as a nationwide contest aimed to encourage everyone to share authentic, one-of-a-kind and little known stories on Philippine cuisine and cooking.

A child has a story about his/her grandfather-he/she is the grandchild of Lolo Lino. Lolo Lino is already old. He can't play tag or hide-and-seek anymore. He can no longer visit his firefly friends in the woods. He is sad. Find out in this story what the child came up with to surprise his/her grandfather through an unforgettable visit. Ang Kwento Ng Aklat Ni Lolo. Musikatha Kids. 2014 - 10 songs.