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When using this shaft with a billet 29 spline automatic transmission, it must be shortened 0.875″ to accommodate the length requirements of an automatic transmission. Recommended for 1000+ HP race trucks and sled pullers that regularly break the standard sized 23 spline billet transmission output shafts and need the strength of a 29 spline ...

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Shortly thereafter, we cracked open our donor NP231 and realized that a rebuild would do it right. The chain was loose and worn, as were the gear teeth on the drive sprocket and front output shaft.Snap Ring for Speedometer Gear-QTY: 2 Rear Output Bearing Snap Ring . Snap Ring for Mode Gear Front Output Spline Seal . Rear Output Spline Seal. NOTE: Some early NP231 produced from 1987 – 1990 have the vacuum switch for the front axle disconnect housed in the rear output shaft housing. This kit is

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1997-94 : 32 spline front input shaft, fixed rear output yoke, 4 inch bell type front output yoke, w/P. 75″ x . New Process NP241C, 27 Input shaft splines, Rear out slip yoke, 4" Bell Front Yoke, 3-Wire Position Switch, Electronic Speedo. NV271 and NV273 I finally looked at some diagrams of the NP241C. Now, the front output shaft in my Blazer is a fixed yoke. What I am wondering is if the front output shaft diameter and spline count of a np233/231 is the same as any other case. Is there a flange output that will swap onto the np233 front output with NO need for an output shaft swap. Sorry for the book. 10 SPLINES-NP205 transfer case front flange . PRICES BELOW ASSUME YOU WILL SEND IN OLD YOKE TO US . IF NOT ADD $45 to the pirce. 10 spline universal flange 1 3/4 seal surface 2" thru hole 1 1/4 inside diameter -- $165.00

I found out that both the bolt patterns are different from Jeep/Dodge and Chevy, and that the Chevy NP231 has a 27 spline input. I guess I will just buy another junkyard AX-15 and rebuild it. Save Share Aug 11, 2005 · What did this replacement 231 come out of? Never heard of an incrorrect shaft diameter, if the spline count is the same. You'll need split-ring pliers to remove the clips from the mainshaft. Other than that it's pretty straightforward. You need to completely disassemble it to get to the input shaft, it will come out with the planetary gears.