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Ticking noise on KA24E engine I have a 97 kningcab XE with ka 24e engine. Im about to go on a huge roadtrip and noticed that when I start up the engine the is a TICK TICK TIck noise when the engine is idling. * Includes start up calibrations. * System is fully enabled and unlocked - Never pay for upgrades! * Context sensitive help eases tuning process. * Maps can be password protected by the tuner to prevent unauthorized usage or sharing. * Runs on Windows-compatible software.

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Just wondering if anyone here owns a Nissan Navara d40 2.5 liter diesel? I have a 2008 and have read that these cars are lemons that need a timing chain replacement near the 100k mark. So far I have done 100k and have noticed on a cold start up in the morning it makes a rattling noise for like 5 sec before it goes quiet. My '83 was running lousy for the first 5 minutes or so after start up (warm or cold). It would hesitate and feel like there was no power. It would suddenly go away after a few minutes like someone threw a switch, a timed thing, not related to temperature, speed or anything else I could figure out.

I am also starting to think that the knocking noise so many of you have written about on morning start up is the first warning sign you need to heed without delay! the bearing linings were being stripped by hammering on the power stroke, the cause being oil starvation. • If our customer bought an electronic cigarette, tanks, tanks, mechanical Mods, flavors, liquid for e-cigarettes or any other consumable materials, it can be sure that the order will be processed in minimum time and delivery will take minimum time; If you want to open your own startup business, start effective competition in the market of ...