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To use IBM Websphere MQ on 64–bit Linux platforms, you must set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include the location of the MQ libraries. Because the path must be set for any Caché process that uses the MQ interface, it must be set prior to starting Caché if running background processes, and set in any UNIX® terminal prior to running csession.

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Deployed IBM MQSeries based messaging communication infrastructure throughout the enterprise and linked applications hosted in several locations including Phoenix, Minneapolis, New York, and Mexico, and business partners’ applications (B2B), e.g., PNC Bank, Pittsburgh Deployed Candle Command Center to monitor MQSeries on every system to ensure If you want to try out IBM MQ on Raspberry Pi then just follow the instructions on this page. The instructions are pretty straight forward. The only thing that is different from installing IBM MQ on SLES or RHEL versus Raspberry Pi, is that you do not create the ‘mqm’ group and ‘mqm’ UserId. The command . sudo apt install "ibmmq-*"

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