Difference between k03 and k04 turbo

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The key difference between the Cup version and the R26 is the limited-slip diff you get on the R26 an ... Turbo Parts - Turbo Spares ... K03 / K04 / K06 ...

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I still think it's a K03 turbo which is gonna max out pretty quickly as well. If you want to play large horsepower bumps, the MS3 is probably a better way to go. It's fuel system sucks but is easily fixed and it already has a bigger turbo and forged crank for this sort of thing. The K03S turbo is smaller than a T25. The K04 is closer to the T25. Any of the quick VW stock times were probably done with the K04 as the K03's run out of gas at about 12 psi.

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At 1440p, where the RTX 3070 shines, performance difference between the 5600X and faster CPUs almost completely melts, making the 5600X the best Compared to other similarly price CPUs, the 3700X is better than the 10600K and the 5600X for productivity but if you play games you could get...The original K03 (used in 150hp A4's) had smaller compressor and turbine wheels. The K03-S (Sport, in the 170hp models) utilize the SAME turbine wheel as the K04-15. The difference between the K03-S and K04-15 is that the K04-15 has a more aggressive compressor trim... diameter and A/R should be the same IIRC.